Viewers input

Recently, some viewers of this website send me comments and suggestions on Open Source Software.
I would like to thank all these people for giving us all their input on Open Source software regarding photography on Linux.
It really helps to share your knowledge and experiences on what software you use for your photography needs.

As a direct response I would like to state that the programs 'Rapid Photo Downloader', 'Phatch' and 'Darktable' were added to the software-list.

Another viewer also suggested using Darktable, which is a RAW developer. I remember using it for a while myself, but I was not satisfied with the user interface and, more importantly, the end-result. But don't believe my word for it. Install it, try it and maybe you will like it. User experiences differ from person to person. It takes a while to sort through all the Open Source tools before you will find what you are looking for. But in the end it is all worth it.

Also, a review on the GIMP is on my list for ages. Personally, I think the GIMP is still by far the best tool you can use.

Thanks again for all your input!